Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anthony Weiner X-Rated Scandal Update: Beltway Distraction Edition

Here's today's "Meet the Press" panel, which features a couple of minutes on Weinergate. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is calling for Weiner's resignation, so the party can move on, because Democrats "are doing so well on the MediCare conversation." That starts at about 1:00 minute, but the whole clip is worth a listen. WSJ's Kim Strassel's one of my favorite journalists. Not only a brilliant political observer, she's a conservative in a sea of Obama-enabling progressives.


Meanwhile, Robert Stacy McCain is all over the latest Weinergate developments, and he's got more on today's "Meet the Press." See, "VIDEO: Wasserman-Schultz Discusses Weiner Scandal on ‘Meet the Press’." Also, "Report: Weiner Sent Woman Photos of Himself Posing in Congressional Gym," and "VIDEO: ‘Tipping Point’ for Weiner?"