Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bret Baier Gets Best Weiner Interview of the Day: 'I Know for a Fact That My Account Was Hacked'

Well, what is it? Representative Weiner told Wolf Blitzer it was just a prank. The guy's hopeless. And boy does Bret Baier put it to him: "It would take one call to the FBI and they would subpoena Twitter and within five minutes you could probably get the IP address ..."

Man, maybe Weiner should've avoided the media sit-downs today. It's like Ann Coulter said, "He cannot have an investigation for the simple reason that it will show that he posted the photograph himself."

RELATED: Howard Kurtz has a mini-roundup of today's interviews: "Anthony Weiner's Junk Defense."


dsperk60 said... DNA on a virtual blue dress...