Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Courtney Alexis Stodden, 16, Marries 'Green Mile' Actor Doug Anthony Hutchison, 51

It's weird.

She's a worldly 16, that's for sure.

At New York Post, "'Lost' actor Doug Hutchison, 51, marries 16-year-old in Vegas." Stodden's parents would have had to okay the marriage, since Nevada law requires an 18 year-old minimum age. And so, hey, if everybody's cool with it. To each his own. Otherwise we'd end up like Taliban Scott Eric Kaufman, butting into everyone's personal lives and destroying families.

See also London's Daily Mail, "Green Mile actor Doug Anthony Hutchison, 51, marries aspiring country music singer, 16, in Las Vegas."


lindsay said...

How is this even aloud? So strange…on another note…this B*tch doesn’t look 16…more like 25!!! More photos here: http://beverlyhillshoneys.com/doug-hutchison-courtney-alexis-stodden-marries-marrried-16-year-old/

bunkerbill said...

I bet when the truth comes out, It will be that, the last time this girl was 16, Bush was still Prez.

bunkerbill said...

This girl hasn't been 16 since Bush was president.