Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Democrats Push Weiner to Resign

At WSJ, "Weiner Faces More Calls to Resign":
Prominent Democrats began calling for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign as a new, more graphic image surfaced Wednesday to propel the sexting scandal engulfing the New York Democrat.

Separately, Huma Abedin, Mr. Weiner's wife, is in the early stages of a pregnancy, according to a New York Democrat who spoke on condition of anonymity. Ms. Abedin is a senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and left with her Wednesday on a trip to north Africa. A State Department spokesman had no comment.

A person close to Mr. Weiner said he still is determined to hold onto the seat he first won in 1998. But Democratic aides said that if he continues to resist calls to resign, the situation could reach a boiling point Monday when House members return to Washington.

The controversy has become a national embarrassment for Democratic leaders, who have come under fire from Republicans for not moving more aggressively to demand Mr. Weiner's departure. Senior Democratic leadership aides expect more colleagues to come forward in the next few days to call on Mr. Weiner to resign.
I should be surprised that Weiner still refuses to resign (I'm not), but read the whole thing. The congressman's office issued a statement whereby "tacitly" admitting that the picture is Weiner's. At some point I suspect I'll feel bad for the guy, but not yet. Right now I feel bad for his wife. I have all along. She looks absolutely beautiful. How could Anthony Weiner treat her so horribly?And now the baby on the way? Almost Greek tragedy territory. Although I hope not, for that would mean someone's going to die.

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