Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner's Roasted: Andrew Breitbart Will Trickle Congressman's Tweet Photos All Day

Well, the rush of Weiner traffic's died down around here, but the blog's still a top result at "Anthony Weiner Resignation," an outcome that's looking more likely with the new batch of revelations.


Robert Stacy McCain is doing massive roundups, here: "New #WeinerGate Allegations? UPDATE: Weiner’s Photo: ‘It’s Me’," and here: "#WeinerGate Fallout: Democrats Criticize Weiner for Missing Israel Day Parade UPDATE: Breitbart Releases 2nd Photo."

And from Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, "‘It’s Me’: Rep. Weiner Sends Playful Photo to New Friend," and "‘Me and the pussys’: Weiner Sends Intimate Home Pic; Apparently Relishes Double Entendres, Too." (Via Memeorandum.)

Plus, Ed Morrissey weighs in, "More controversial tweets from Weiner?"


Right Truth said...

More images and connections to girls coming out, but he's a Democrat, he can 'rise' from the ashes unfortunately.

Right Truth