Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dana Pico Launches First Street Journal

Here's the inaugural post, "Welcome to THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL!":
In an effort to avoid the problems which plagued my previous site, I am instituting a new Comments and Conduct policy, which will have its own separate page, always available in the menu bar. While I always support the free expression of ideas, constant name-calling and personal attacks will receive the same treatment they’d get were someone to submit such as a Letter to the Editor in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL or The New York Times. Repeat violators will simply have all of their comments deleted.
Congratulations to Dana! And here's to another 7 years of successful blogging!

PREVIOUSLY: "Dana Pico Closes Common Sense Political Thought."


Dana said...

Thanks for the story and the link! You told me that you'd help, and I plan on holding you to it! :)

Donald Douglas said...

I'm helping already!!