Monday, March 19, 2012

Jewish School Massacre in Toulouse, France

I saw the news breaking this morning but was unable to blog then.

Pamela has a report, "Gunman Opens Fire on Jewish school in France, 4 Dead -- Rabbi, 3 Children." And also at London's Daily Mail, "Pictured: The rabbi and his two sons gunned down outside Jewish school in France by moped-riding 'neo-Nazi'."

Also at Telegraph UK, "Toulouse shooting: France is on the highest level of security alert." And "Toulouse shooting: little girl cornered in school and shot in head":
It was shortly after 8am on a leafy street in a quiet suburb of Toulouse and children were being dropped off at the gates of the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school.
The dark motor scooter pulled up and a man described as "determined and athletic" dismounted. Without removing his helmet or saying a word, he opened fire.

Witnesses described how the gunman aimed at whoever was in his path, first shooting Jonathan Sandler, 30, a rabbi and teacher, along with his two sons, Aryeh, six, and Gavriel, three, as they waited for a minibus to take them to their nursery. All three are dead.

Then, when his 9mm weapon jammed, the killer switched to a .45-calibre gun, entered the school gates and chased children as they fled for cover.

He shot a 17-year-old pupil, who is now fighting for his life in hospital, and then cornered eight-year old Miriam, the daughter of the school principal, Yaacov Monsonego. He put the gun to her head and shot her.

As pupils ran from the large courtyard into salmon pink school buildings, the killer turned, mounted his scooter and sped off, plunging a nation into shock at the worst anti-Semitic atrocity on French soil in decades.
More at the link.

And see John Podhoretz, at Commentary, "Jews Are Being Hunted."

Expect updates...