Saturday, March 3, 2012

'My Friend Andrew'

Bill Whittle, in his own inimitable way, gives an especially powerful eulogy for Andrew Breitbart. Turns out Breitbart did have a previous heart attack --- that's why the media reports were saying he was under treatment at UCLA Medical Center previously --- and Bill uses that and more to remind us to take care of ourselves. Especially important here is Bill's urging for us online warriors to put it away sometimes. Don't worry about politics 24/7. Don't worry about showing everybody your most recent blog post or video upload. Spend some time with friends and families and recharge for the many battles that lie ahead. That's an especially welcomed message for me, since I've of late been very busy with work and family and have felt out of it for lack of blogging. But I do remind myself that the time I spend offline is better spent when it's that old-fashioned "quality time" that folks used to implore us to spend.

And by the way, I know Bill Whittle too. He's one of the greats out there and make note to heed his appeals and keep up the fight. We're saving the country a little at a time.