Sunday, March 11, 2012

Obama's Favorite Professor at Harvard Was America-Hating Marxist

At IBD, "Derrick Bell: The Jeremiah Wright of Harvard":

Presidential Vetting: Obama's days at Harvard have been shrouded in secrecy. But a new video lifts a corner of the veil, revealing his creepy embrace of the "Jeremiah Wright of academia."

It turns out his favorite law professor was the late Derrick Bell, a black radical who taught classes trashing the Constitution as racist.

He liked Bell so much he led a law school "strike" in support of him in 1991, when the professor went on unpaid leave to protest the lack of affirmative-action hiring on campus.

A video clip posted by captures Obama praising Bell for "speaking the truth" and hugging him.

Not long before this show of affection, Bell had been called into the university president's office to explain why he had sent him a letter filled with violent fantasies — including their own death from a bomb planted in his office by white racists. Bell explained that such extremism is what it would take to get the administration to agree to grant more affirmative-action programs.

Harvard's honcho wasn't amused. Bell groused he just didn't get it. But who would? Apparently his star pupil. And that's what's so unsettling.

Bell's nutty ideas — including that America is a "racist nation" carrying out a "quasi-genocide in the inner cities" — were well known to Obama. Bell came highly recommended by Obama's America-hating preacher Rev. Wright. He and Bell were pals. In fact, Obama just traded Wright's pews for Bell's desks.

At the pro-Bell rally, Obama took to the mike as if he were his spokesman. He commended Bell's "excellence in scholarship," adding that he "changed the standards of what legal writing is about."
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The reason progressives have attempted so aggressively to minimize the Bell video is because it hits so close to home. Soledad O'Brien chortled repeatedly, "Where's the bombshell? Is this the bombshell?" It's a sick kind of postmodern denialism that posits a different standard of truth and decency. Progressives deny Derrick Bell is radical because they're radical, and they claim their ideology is mainstream when it's in fact the diametric opposite. It's the same progressive secular moral relativism that dismisses Bill Maher's misogyny as "comedy" while demanding that Rush Limbaugh be taken off the air. And it's this kind of hypocrisy that Andrew Breitbart exposed over and over again. And that's why with Andrew gone, it's more incumbent on all of us to #BeBreitbart and never let progressives live down how f-king sick they are and how badly their programs are destroying the county.