Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sandra Fluke is Media's Martyr, Just as Andrew Breitbart Would Have Predicted

Breitbart would have loved the media's chutzpah on this.

I'm reposting this piece from WaPo as an almost unbelievable example of how this woman, Sandra Fluke, became a national heroine to the progressive-left. See: "Sandra Fluke says she expected criticism, not personal attacks, over contraception issue":

For decades, Georgetown University law students have led the push to have the student health-insurance plan cover contraception.

Sandra Fluke fit the profile of those who have gone before her: Law students are typically older than Georgetown’s undergraduates, less likely to be Catholic at the Catholic institution, and more likely to rely on school­-provided insurance.

But unlike those others who were part of a running campus controversy, Fluke became part of a heated and highly personal national debate when she agreed to testify before a congressional committee last month.

Fluke said she anticipated criticism but not personal attacks from prominent pundits including Rush Limbaugh, who repeatedly has called her a “slut,” and from hundreds of people who have typed even more offensive slurs on Twitter.

“I understood that I’m stepping into the public eye,” said Fluke, 30, a third-year student studying public interest law. “But this reaction is so out of the bounds of acceptable discourse . . . These types of words shouldn’t be applied to anyone.”

Limbaugh, a conservative radio talk show host, was criticized by prominent Democrats and Republicans. A handful of companies suspended their commercials on his show in protest and by Saturday, Limbaugh apologized in a statement on his Web site.

In the statement, he said “my choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir.”

Fluke appeared on the national television circuit on Friday explaining her position. Meanwhile, her cell phone buzzed with calls from friends, classmates and supporters, including President Obama.

Fluke (pronounced as if it rhymes with “look”) said she was not a stranger to criticism women can face advocating for causes related to their sexual health and relationships.
If you've seen clips of Fluke's testimony, the full video above is a riot just for Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's triumphant introduction and the deeply concerned yet agreeable nods of the sitting Democrats on the committee. And after you watch some of that, see AoSHQ, "Jake Tapper Finally Gives Hero of the Left a Chance to Speak Without Being Questioned About Her Claims":
I've attempted to get Jake Tapper to answer the question "Did you ask her about the $9 per month pills at Target, 2.8 miles from Georgetown U's campus?"

As he has ignored every single question along these lines, I have to take the answer to be "No."
Well, there's your reproductive health crisis. These women must not be able to schlep the 2.8 miles over to Target!

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