Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dan Savage, Gay Rights Extremist, Calls Bible 'Bullsh*t' During 'Anti-Bullying' Speech

When I first saw the headlines it never occurred to me that this guy was the gay freak Dan Savage, but it was a pure "Aha!" when I saw it was him.

What a freakin' douchebag.

Robert Stacy McCain reports, "Students Walk Out After Anti-Bullying Speaker Dan Savage Calls Bible ‘Bulls–t’."

Plus, see Darleen at Protein Wisdom, "Irony Alert: Gay activist Dan Savage gives anti-bullying speech – bullies Christians and calls objecting students “pansies”."

And previously on Dan Savage, "Gay Sexual Abandon and the Perverse Inversion of Values by Same-Sex Extremists."