Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Now That's Justice for Trayvon' — White Man Beaten By Mob in Critical Condition, No Arrests, Tensions High

The story's at Jammie Wearing Fool, "White Man Beaten by Mob in Critical Condition: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon”."

And the update from WKRG News, "No Arrests In Matthew Owens Beating, Tensions High."

And the commentary:

* Jim Treacher, "And now it's time to play: How Deep Did They Bury the Lede?" (via Memeorandum):
Well done, Spike Lee. Nice job, NBC. Keep up the good work, ABC. And to everyone else who’s been using a shooting in Florida to foment hate and divide people by the color of their skin, kudos. Don’t let this attack, and similar attacks across America, bother you. If you had a conscience, we never would’ve heard of you in the first place.
* AoSHQ, "20 Blacks Beat White Interloper With Makeshift Bludgeons; Victim In Critical Condition; One Attacker Said, 'Now That's Justice For Trayvon'."

* Power Line, "If You Don't Look Like Obama's Son, No One Cares."

* Dan Collins at Protein Wisdom, "Raw Story: A Profile in Leftist Media Mattering D-Baggery."

And the progressives at Memeorandum are dissing the reaction on the right. Check No More Mr. Nice Blog, for example, "SO DOES THIS MEAN THE RIGHT PLANS TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR TIM McVEIGH?"

You can't make that sh*t up.