Thursday, April 26, 2012

Woman Fired After Donating Kidney to Her Boss

My wife mentioned this story to me the other day and then I saw this clip on CNN.

Truly unbelievable.

See the New Jersey Star-Ledger, "Risky business? Woman alleges she was fired after donating kidney to boss."

And I didn't know you can take back an organ donation, but here's this, at London's Daily Mail, "Give it back! Mom 'who was fired after donating kidney to ailing boss' now demands the organ is returned."

It's an awful story, but Debbie Stevens, the organ donor, screwed up if you ask me. Giving your kidney to save your boss is a conflict of interest --- and in this case the conflict was that Stevens was in an inferior power position. She was vulnerable. Her altruism overtook her rationality. I doubt she would ever be so generous with a life-saving organ again, if she even had another to give --- or at least, never in a situation in which the recipient had that much power to really harm her life chances.