Thursday, April 19, 2012

Team Obama Keeps Trying to Change the Subject — to 'Fairness', a 'War on Women', Even Romney's Dog Seamus

Ed Morrissey has more on the new Mitt Romney ad, "New Romney ad: What you won’t hear at the Democratic convention."

And following the links, at The Hill, "Voters prefer Mitt Romney on economic issues but Obama leads in likability":

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, is confident that the economy will produce the winner, not perceptions of likability.

“Everybody cites ‘I like Ike,’ but that’s not why Eisenhower won,” he notes. “Does anybody think Nixon was more likable than Hubert Humphrey? Does anybody think Jimmy Carter was a better drinking buddy than Gerald Ford?”

Personal attributes, he argues, only become critical when the economy isn’t the major issue, but 2012 looks very much like an economy year.

“If people believe things are getting better and the next four years will be more prosperous than the last four, then Obama will be reelected. But if the storm clouds start gathering again, voters will switch horses — even a horse that will never be ‘My Friend Flicka.’ ”
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