Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Obama Campaign's Reelection Death Rattle

It's not yet Mitt Romney's election to lose, but if President Obama ends up squeaking out a victory in November it won't be for having run on his record. Presidential campaigns are always polarized, but 10 will get you 20 on the early predictions that this will be the most negative campaign ever.

So with that, here's a Saturday morning roundup on election news:

At AoSHQ: "Gallup: President Obama on the Brink, Polls WORSE THAN CARTER." And at U.S News, "The Obama Campaign Should Be Hitting the Panic Button."

And this is amazing, at the New York Times, "Obama Sees Steep Dropoff in Cash From Major Donors" (via Astute Bloggers and Memeorandum).

Obama Sky Rocket

EXTRA: Glenn Reynolds posts on Obama's improving numbers in Ohio: "Energy Jobs a Driving Force in Ohio Economic Recovery":
With new domestic oil and gas production being one of the few bright spots in the otherwise lousy Obama economy, it’s ironic that Dick Cheney’s legacy may be helping Obama get re-elected.
IMAGE CREDIT: The People's Cube, "Obama’s Necessarily Sky Rocket Gasoline."

More later...