Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Not Licensed to Practice Law in Massachusetts

William Jacobson has been on fire with his huge scoop on Elizabeth Warren's likely criminal misrepresentations while holding her teaching position at Harvard.

See, "Elizabeth Warren’s law license problem."

And the story's getting national coverage, which is great! See, "Elizabeth Warren’s law license problem on Fox News today."

BONUS: Idiot faux-libertarian Mark Thompson tried to smack down William, at the laughable League of Ordinary Gentlemen, "No, Elizabeth Warren Did Not Engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law."

And in response, William made mincemeat of that idiot Thompson, "No, Mass. Board of Bar Overseers has not exonerated Elizabeth Warren."

EXTRA: IBD weighs in, "Elizabeth Warren Busted Defending Big Corporations Without Law License":
Warren is a proven liar, hypocrite and fraud, and ought not darken the halls of the U.S. Senate as an expert witness let alone a member of that august body.