Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Libya Lies: Obama Stooge David Plouffe Denies Cover-Up, Claims Ambassador Rice Had 'Information From the Intelligence Community'

I watched it.

Plouffe argued that Ambassador Susan Rice was relying on extant intelligence reports in her Sunday comments on September 16th, discussed here.

He's lying.

Eli Lake reported that intelligence agencies knew it was a terrorist attack within hours, "U.S. Officials Knew Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates." And see Twitchy, "David Plouffe: ‘Libya wasn’t intel failure,’ canoodling after terrorist attack is hunky-dory; Media enables lies."

The video is here.

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And see the Washington Post, "David Plouffe defends Obama administration’s response to attack in Libya." Also at the Weekly Standard, "Plouffe Defends U.N. Ambassador, Axelrod Doesn't":
There were mixed messages from aides to Barack Obama this morning on the Sunday talk shows.

On the one hand, political adviser David Plouffe, who works at the White House, defended America's U.N. ambassador, Susan Rice, for her handling of the terrorist attack in Libya. But on the other hand, David Axelrod, a top Obama political adviser stationed at the campaign headquarters in Chicago, threw Ambassador Rice under the bus.
There's video at that link (via Memeorandum and PJ Media).

Obama's advisors can't keep track of all the lies. This is an epic scandal. David Gregory and Candy Crowley deserve credit for raising questions most of the Obama-Media doesn't want to discuss.

BONUS: At American Freedom, "Obama Senior Advisor David Plouffe Says There's Nothing Wrong With Obama Fundraising After Terrorist Attack And Not Meeting With World Leaders VIDEO."

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