Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unmasking Obama — Washington Examiner, 'The Obama You Don't Know'

I hope this gets wide coverage, "The Obama you don't know."

And Doug Ross has a summary, "Unmasking Obama: A Special Report." Also, Theo Spark has the Fox News video, "Fox News Reports Barry Soetoro's Manufactured Past."

Conservative partisans will know most of the story, as will progressive fever swamp nihilists, who've working diligently to obfuscate and suppress the truth. It was a the biggest scam and sham on this country history when the African Marxist interloper was first elected. But we know who Obama is now. If Americans elect this man again they deserve the descent to decline that he's bequeathing the country.

Say your prayers. And keep fighting against this extreme leftist abomination.

Unmasking Obama