Sunday, September 30, 2012

Presidential Debates Will Be Crucial

If the polls are reasonably accurate (and I think they are), it's Mitt Romney who's got to come out on top in the October debates. He's got to remain calm most of all, which shouldn't be a problem given his past debate performances. And if he can get Obama rattled on a couple of key issues, that could be key. And he can't hold back. Obama's a cool customer and the press will call it an Obama win if neither candidate draws blood. This really is make or break for the GOP nominee. I think it's especially important for Romney to hammer Obama on foreign policy. I really, really hope this Los Angeles Times report proves false, that Romney's backing off his earlier criticism of the administration's Libya lies. There's a gold mine of vulnerability in foreign policy. Romney'd be foolish not to exploit it. We'll see.

The debates can be crucial:

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