Sunday, October 28, 2012

Akron Beacon Poll Finds Ohio Dead Heat at 49-49 — Presidential Race Tighter Than Obama's A**hole in a Prison Shower

Well, Nate Silver's still whistling past the graveyard with his latest entry showing Obama with a 2.3 percent lead in the Ohio polling average, so the new numbers from the Buckeye State newspaper consortium will no doubt amp up the pressure on the New York Times wonder boy. To borrow from Bill Maher's vulger monologue the other night, the race is tighter than Barack Obama's a**hole in a prison shower.

See: "Presidential race tied in Ohio newspaper poll" (via Memeorandum). There's no way for Obama cultists to spin these numbers. Mitt Romney has the momentum, big time, with a little over a week to go until election day. Guy Benson provides a brief summary:
Dead heat, with independents split — but Romney ahead by six on the economy. And then there’s this: “Republicans as a group were more likely to say they were very enthusiastic about the election than Democrats were.” These results represent a five point swing to the GOP ticket since the last Ohio Newspaper Association survey, taken last month. Team Romney scrapped three rallies in Virginia tomorrow due to the impending severe weather, and that might be just as well: Mitt will join Paul Ryan on the trail in the Buckeye State instead.
If things don't change the New York Times wonder boy's poll predictions are going to take it in the rear, to say nothing of the nation's first gay president.

See also Ed Driscoll, "Michael Barone Predicts That Romney Will Win 2012 Presidential Race."