Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apology Tour

I remember Soledad O'Brien trying to weasel out of the history of Obama's apology tour in September. She was interviewing Rep. Peter King of New York, at the time of Obama's Libya debacle. She had the Cairo speech transcript and kept saying, "He never once used the word apology," blah, blah ... So I looked it up at the time, because the idiots at Think Progress, the anti-Israel Soros-backed hate-site, were issuing the exact same denials. The definitive piece is at the Heritage Foundation, "Barack Obama's Top 10 Apologies: How the President Has Humiliated a Superpower."

And so now the issue's in the news again. Mitt Romney slammed Obama for his craven world apology tour at the Boca Raton debate. And Jennifer Rubin has a report, "The myth of the myth of apologies":

Apology Tour
You can argue that sometimes a nation should apologize for some past conduct. You can argue that this is appropriate, but not on foreign soil. But to insist that Obama hasn’t apologized repeatedly for the United States both here and abroad is simply wrong. Frankly, he has done more of this self-flagellation in more places than any other president. It is a record that should never be broken.
And see Gateway Pundit, "Mitt Romney Camp Releases “Apology Tour”."

IMAGE CREDIT: The Looking Spoon, "Obama Did Not Go On An Apology Tour..."