Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nate Silver: Voice of the New Castrati

I'll be honest: I wasn't planning a series chronicling the foibles of wonder boy Nate Silver --- and I especially wasn't planning a suicide watch for left's "Grand Swami" of progressive prognostication --- but the geek keeps garnering media attention, so what the heck? Somebody's gotta do it. Thus, keeping with the theme, here's an essay from Robert Chambers, "The far left turns to Nate Silver for wisdom on the polls" (via Memeorandum):

Nate Silver is a man of very small stature, a thin and effeminate man with a soft-sounding voice that sounds almost exactly like the “Mr. New Castrati” voice used by Rush Limbaugh on his program. In fact, Silver could easily be the poster child for the New Castrati in both image and sound. Nate Silver, like most liberal and leftist celebrities and favorites, might be of average intelligence but is surely not the genius he's made out to be. His political analyses are average at best and his projections, at least this year, are extremely biased in favor of the Democrats.
Folks can read the whole thing, but that "New Castrati" part's a riot. Turns out this freaked the idiot sock-puppet Paul Campos --- the clueless f-ck outed last year, effortlessly outed, as "Scam Prof" --- at Lawyers, Guns and Money, "Right-wing psychosexual obsessions, Nate Silver edition." The comments are a self-parody bonanza, for example:
I have never seen people so insecure in their own masculinity as conservatives (which is what this kind of attack reveals). This column is a stupid person’s idea of what a smart response looks like. Have to say that even if he were right about Silver only being of average intelligence (the evidence strongly indicates well above that), it puts him light years ahead of most conservatives, who can only aspire to such intellectual heights.

Of course being so smart, progressives take it upon themselves to tell people how to run their lives. You NEED government. And if you say you don't NEED government, the left will make you an offer you can't refuse. You NEED government, or else!

F-king assholes.


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