Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez Rumored Sex Scandal With Dominican Prostitutes?

Drudge Report had the headline earlier, "SEX SCANDAL TO HIT CAMPAIGN..."

And at The Other McCain, "BOB MENENDEZ AND HOOKERS?"
UPDATE: Shortly after the Drudge Report headline went up, my associate Ali Akbar got a tip that the story involved Sen. Menendez of New Jersey and at least one prostitute with whom he trysted on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Dominican Republic. Within one hour, Akbar had confirmed this with other sources, and we understand that numerous reporters in D.C. have heard similar reports.

Check the Daily Caller for the breaking report, and at AoSHQ, "What I'm Hearing About The Sex Scandal":
Here's what I'm hearing. And bear in mind, I'm merely hearing it.

The story involves a Senator flying down to a big donor's place in the Caribbean for orgies. Hookers are involved.

The One Big Snag in the story is that the story comes from hookers -- a couple of them, I hear -- and their credibility is, well. They're hookers. It's not Gold Standard.

Well, I guess I shouldn't call them "hookers." Let's say "escorts."

Escorts, for your penis.
UPDATE: Folks should check Ace of SpadesHQ on Twitter. He's got a lot of newsy updates, especially some thoughts on the delays.

And check this earlier entry at Twitchy, "Matt Drudge teases campaign sex scandal; Twitter speculates; Update: ‘Powerful senator’; Update: Menendez?"

BREAKING: Here's the report, "Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic."