Saturday, October 27, 2012

'Deranged' Nanny Stabs to Death Two Kids of CNBC Media Executive in New York

Here's the report from yesterday at the New York Daily News, "Deranged nanny allegedly kills two children of CNBC media executive Kevin Krim and wife Marina; Kids, 2 and 6, are found by mom in bathtub at luxury upper West Side apartment building: NYPD."

Krim Family Photo

On cue, the New York Times provides the sympathetic victim's treatment of the suspect, Yoselyn Ortega, "Life Was in Chaos for Nanny Accused of Killing 2 Children." Life is hard. Go ahead and take it out on the children you were hired to protect. Call it the revenge of the 99 percent.

But see London's daily Mail, thank goodness, "Brave six-year-old girl tried to fight off killer nanny: Tragic last moments of the children stabbed to death by carer in New York apartment":
Brave six-year-old Lucia Krim tried to fight off her crazed nanny as the woman allegedly stabbed her and her brother Leo, 2, repeatedly with two kitchen knives before leaving their small bodies covered in blood in the bathtub for their mother to find.

As shocking new details emerge, neighbours have revealed that Yoselyn Ortega, 50, was visibly unravelling before the heinous slayings in the Upper West Side apartment on Thursday night and appeared to have 'aged seven years in a few months.'

Beautiful Lucia, who had been playing in the elevator moments before the horrifying slaying, suffered defensive wounds as she attempted to fend off the woman who her parents paid to protect her and her siblings.

She was eventually stabbed multiple times in the stomach and the neck while little Leo suffered two punctures to the neck, a law enforcement source told The New York Post.

'They both suffered. They bled out,' the source said, adding that Ortega used two kitchen knives in the alleged attack. 'The little girl tried to protect herself.'
A Dominican immigrant, and so depraved. God help the Krim family. Nothing should ever befall a family like that.