Thursday, April 25, 2013

After Tweeting Wishes for 'White American' Bomber, Despicable Terror Enabler Walter James Casper III Denies Leftist Bias in #Boston Marathon Reporting

Repsac3, professional progressive troll and rim-station rim master, is lying again.

After getting hammered the other day, the idiot troll rights harasser posted an entry even more stupid than his usual level of stupidity: "Note to Media Bias Hunters on the Right..." Folks can Google it if they want.

Rim-Station Repsac claims that NPR's Dina Temple Raston was only relying on official statements when she falsely claimed the Boston bombing was likely the work of the far right, because:
April is a big month for anti-government, and right-wing individuals. There's the Columbine anniversary. There's Hitler's birthday. There's the Oklahoma City bombing. The assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco."
Actually, no.

No official agency claimed that celebration of "Hitler's birthday" on the right was a possible catalyst for the Boston attack or any such shit. She's commenting, not reporting. I repeat Temple Raston is just spewing her own hateful prejudices. She offers no evidence for her claims. That is, without a shred of substantiation, she drops the idea of "officials said such and such" and that the "FBI is comparing this or that" as the prelude to deranged smears that have been universally repudiated in the press. Only someone as mental as Walter James Casper III would defend such proven, despicable lies and hatred.

Troll harasser Repsac claims that any reporter would be looking at "other possibilities" like "Islamist extremism" in addition to alleged right wing fanatics, blah, blah... But Temple Raston wasn't looking at "other possibilities." Morning host Steve Inskeep, her colleague at NPR, reported that Temple Raston "scoffed" at the thought of a possible Muslim suspect from Saudia Arabia: "Asked about 'Saudi national' off-air, @nprdina scoffed."

But facts don't matter to Walter James "Rim-Station" Casper III. Moreover, as I reported earlier, it's not just stupidity with depraved people like "Hatesac3." There's a fundamental embrace of evil that drives people like this, manifest by a pathological aversion to decency and truth.

At the video from Tuesday night is Sean Hannity segment on the left's "Rush to Judgment," which includes examples of leftist media outlets completely falling over themselves in blame-righty fits. After the introductory video collage, Juan Williams admits that Hannity's piece is "on to something" about the left's faux journalistic attacks on conservatives --- and Williams is a way left-of-center defender of the Obama administration who usually smacks down Hannity's attacks on the left, not to mention Bill O'Reilly's. But I like Williams. He's got a core of decency and honesty that people like the violently hateful harasser Walter "Rim-Station" Repsac badly lacks.

And remember, Walter James Casper III tweeted out the universally disparaged racist David Sirota's "white American bomber" hit piece. See: "'Emotionally, it is very hard for me to consider such ilk as fellow Americans, let alone as decent human beings...'."

Racist Rim-Station Repsac3 is a vile troll who should be blocked, banned and reported to the authorities for his criminal and hateful harassment and debauchery.