Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Left and Terrorism: Stupidity or Willful Blindness?

Yeah, they're idiots alright, but for many progressives it's actually willful blindness that describes their terror enabling, and that's evil.

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, we are suffering through the inevitable period of liberal hand-wringing. Liberals can’t help themselves: while normal people are reviling the bombers, celebrating their capture or death, and debating measures that can be taken to prevent future atrocities, liberals’ thinking (if you can call it that) goes in a different direction. Liberals call for understanding; tell the rest of us we don’t realize how complex mass murder is; recommend introspection (But why? I didn’t do it.); and warn against various forms of overreaction to the latest terrorist outrage. The reality of evil, a constant in human affairs for millennia, renders liberals not speechless–that would be too much to hope for–but incoherent.
Leftist Evil photo evil_makes_liberals_stupid_zpse960023d.jpg

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Image Credit: The Looking Spoon, "Fool America Once, Shame On You. Fool America Dozens Of Times, Shame On Liberals."