Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama Mismanagement May Have Allowed Bombings

At IBD, "Bureaucratic Mismanagement May Have Allowed Bombings":
Lawrence Wright, author in 2006 of the Pulitzer Prize-winning history of al-Qaida, "The Looming Tower," wrote in an open letter 6-1/2 years ago to his fellow Pulitzer-winning journalist, Steve Coll: "The reorganization of our intelligence agencies — through the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the new office of Director of National Intelligence — has done nothing to improve the bureaucratic tangles, the institutional incomprehension, and the limited skill set of our operatives; indeed, in many respects, it has only added a new overlay of confusion."

As Wright pointed out, "Communication broke down at a crucial time — exactly during the period that al-Qaida was making its plans for 9/11."

As Chambliss noted, "Information sharing between agencies is critical. And we created the Department of Homeland Security to supervise that. We created the National Counter Terrorism Center to be the collection point for all of this information." He vowed to find out whether somebody "dropped the ball."

Whoever that somebody who dropped the ball is, you can bet the establishment media won't identify him as the guy who shoots hoops at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As a candidate, President Obama relished ridiculing what he called the Bush administration's "color-coded politics of fear" and its "rigid 20th century ideology" unsuited to fighting "21st century's stateless terrorism."

But five years into his tenure as president, Obama doesn't seem to be a very good manager of the government bureaucracies charged with protecting Americans from terror.