Monday, April 22, 2013

Latest Updates on #Boston Terrorist Attack

At the Wall Street Journal, "Fresh Bomb Details Revealed: Prosecutors Describe Suspect's 'Calm' Behavior; Charges Could Carry Death Penalty."

Tsarnaev has been charged as a non-combatant defendant. Legal Insurrection has the indictment, "Unsealed Complaint and Affidavit – U.S. v Dzhokhar Tsarnaev."

This morning's Wall Street Journal made the case for denying Miranda rights, and Paul Gigot elaborates at the clip. See, "Enemy Combatants in Boston."

Less compelling is Michael Mukasey's op-ed published this morning as well, "Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad." The arguments against providing Miranda are basically about preventing another attack, an obviously high-priority goal. The only problem is that this attack is looking more and more as if it could have been prevented. That earlier FBI interrogation of Tamerlan is a major intelligence fiasco. Not to throw up our hands here. Only to say, hey, when you've got them by the balls don't throw it all away. People are getting blown to bits.

More at the New York Times, "Boston Bombing Suspect's Bedside Hearing," and London's Dail Mail, "'You can rouse him now': Extraordinary scene of Boston Marathon bomber's bedside arraignment, as he's read his Miranda Rights and only manages to say one word" (via Memeorandum).