Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rush to Judgment: Dina Temple-Raston 'Scoffed' at Possibility of 'Saudi National' Suspected in #Boston Bombing

Terror enabling troll rights harasser Walter James Casper III continues to lie about the media's disgusting rush-to-judgment blaming conservatives for the Boston terror attack.

For some reason, adult sick f-k loser (ASFL) Repsac3 insists that what Ms. Temple-Raston actually said doesn't matter, and thus he can just keep spinning this lie about how she was "reporting" the news rather than spewing hateful racist attacks on conservatives.

Folks can find Racist Repsac3's racist blog post on Google: "Creepy-clown Stalker Donald Kent Douglas Doubles Down on Media Conspiracy Theory." But one more time: No government official claimed that right wing conservatives were motivated to launch a terrorist attack on Boston, on April 15th, because of Adolf Hitler's birthday. That is plain nutbag conspiracy theorizing and it's disgusting, but that's Racist Repsac3 for you, the sick f-k. Of course, readers will recall that NPR's Steve Inskeep reported on how Temple-Raston "scoffed" at the idea that the suspect was a "Saudi national" --- you know, because we're just fresh out of Saudi Muslims inspired by the Saudi-based teachings of al Qaeda, or some such sh-t like that.

No, for racist conspiracy racist Walter James Casper III, Temple-Raston was "reporting" the news, like a prime-time evening news segment, not commenting on the news on an extreme left-wing NPR commentary show for an extreme left-wing NPR audience. Seriously. Folks can read the transcript. Temple-Raston was interviewed for NPR's commentary show "All Things Considered." Temple-Raston was spewing racist nutbag conspiracies about bulls-t Nazi birthdays being celebrated by the far right. In other words, she's speculating. The transcript is right here in all of its tin hat glory: "Boston Marathon Bombing Case Gains Momentum."

I know. This is some whacked sh-t, but that's Racist Rim-Station Repsac3 for you.

Stoaty Weasel's got his number, and how, "We set fire to a gypsy. You?:

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“April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals. There’s the Columbine anniversary, there’s Hitler’s birthday, there’s the Oklahoma City bombing, the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.”

–NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston, speculating that the Boston Marathon bombers were home grown (before the Tsarnaev brothers started shooting up the place, obviously).
Okay. Wow. Let’s take those in reverse order. “…the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco…” was a really horrible episode in our history, in which a house full of religious nutcases were burned alive by federal agents for no good reason. It did indeed horrify all kinds of people, and someone out on the “here be dragons” fringe of the right did indeed retaliate with the Oklahoma City bombing. Which is a desperate embarrassment to the third or so of the country that is in the mainstream right and has been used as a stick to beat us for twenty years. It is not a day for celebration in any way, shape or form.

But…wait…dear lord, Hitler’s birthday?!? If you turned America upside down and shook her hard, I bet fewer than a hundred genuine neo-Nazis would fall out. A kind of right wing, I guess, because they always say so. But just…really, NPR?

Whoa, hang on, the Columbine anniversary? The hell? Two punk kids shoot up their high school? That’s not even…there’s nothing…that’s not right, left or anything. That’s just. No.

This all happened last week, obviously, when nobody knew nothing. Which is why I didn’t post about it then. I was in no mood.

Is it too much to ask our publicly-funded media not to accuse me of Hitler worship? And they wonder why we talk about defunding them every time we get a majority.
"The hell" is right.

Temple-Raston was shamelessly smearing conservatives ---- all while refusing to consider the possible legitimacy that an Islamic terrorist from Saudi Arabia might have been the perpetrator. Nope. It had to be a bunch of fanatical right wingers celebrating Hitler's birthday.

Whoopi. Let's sing the Horst Wessel song and blow the legs off beautiful 8-year-old American boys --- because that's right in the f-king wheelhouse of conservative right wing individuals!

My god. We've reached a milestone in Repsac III's troll rights harassment blogging: Walter James Casper III = Certified NPR Tinfoil Conspiracy Crackpot.

Get some help motherf-ker.