Monday, December 23, 2013

5 Million Hits

I don't think I've celebrated traffic milestones for the last few millions.

See my previous announcements, "One Million Hits at American Power," and "Katy Perry Salutes the Troops — And 2,000,000 Hits at American Power!"

Not much to write except that so far I plan to keep on pluggin'.

And with that, I should post some thank-you linkage.

As always, the Other McCain deserves tremendous gratitude for showing the way on the million hits gig.

Also, Blazing Cat Fur is a reliable linker and a great blogger. Thanks for the hits! And not to mention iOWNTHEWORLD!

And congratulations to Doug Ross and his fabulous blogging aggregator, Bad Blue. (And see Doug's blog, Director Blue, which includes the essential daily Larwyn's Linx.)

Maggie's Farm also does a lot of link-arounds, and it's always an honor to be included. That goes for Proof Positive as well.

And in a tireless effort, William Teach does a reliably large Sunday link-around each week, and his "If All You See..." entries keep us coming back everyday.

For a long time Memeorandum provided reliable linkage, but for some reason their algorithm went haywire of late. It's just the last couple of days that I've been getting hits, but it's an old standby if you're just starting out. (Be sure to link Memeorandum often so as to get caught up in the reciprocal aggregations.)

It's been awhile since I've been Instalanched, but the prospect is always worth throwing the old professor some regular hits. He's awesome on Twitter as well.

And speaking of hits, Blackmailers Don't Shoot is giving Instapundit some competition! See, "Merry Monday Christmas Linkfest."

And frankly, Theo Spark is probably my biggest feeder blog at this point, although I'm a co-blogger there so it probably doesn't count, lol!

Also, 90 Miles From Tyranny throws some nice linkage over this way, and it's much appreciated.

That goes for Bob Belvedere as well, at Camp of the Saints. Thank you.

Dana Pico been a longtime friend of AmPower as well. Much appreciated. Added: Also Saberpoint!

Also the Astute Bloggers. God bless you, Reliapundit.

That's it for now.

If I'm missing anyone who provides regular FMRA action, let me know in the comments. I'll be glad to spread some hits around during my regular Rule 5 and Roundup of the Roundups roundups!

Thanks again and here's to the next 5 million!