Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The ASA Boycotters: Victims of Hatred and Harassment!

Awww, the poor babies.

The American Studies Association is all butt-hurt after getting some push-back on its anti-Semitic campaign against Israel.

The revolting Philip Weiss reports, "American Studies Association caucus seeks support against campaign to discredit ASA":
Many in the US are unaccustomed to public criticism of Israel. Some organizations and individuals are now mounting a campaign to discredit the ASA. The ASA’s elected leaders have been harassed and are receiving hate mail. The ASA office is being flooded with insulting and threatening phone calls. The ASA Facebook page has been subject to a barrage of inflammatory attacks. National organizations, including Stand With US, are mounting campaigns to undermine the ASA in the academy by appealing to donors and students to call on university administrators to withdraw support from ASA: The Caucus on Academic and Community Activism has already published a press release responding to these attacks but we need more support.

What Can You Do?
Well, Ima just bawl my eyes out! Boo hoo!

More at Legal Insurrection, "Anti-Israel academic boycotters complain criticism violates their academic freedom to boycott."