Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Warren Weinstein, American Held Hostage in Pakistan, Asks President Obama to Negotiate with al-Qaeda

Man, he's all worn down and weary.

At the Washington Post, "Kidnapped American asks U.S. to negotiate with al-Qaeda for his release":
A U.S. government contractor kidnapped by al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan in 2011 has recorded a video message calling on the Obama administration to negotiate with his captors and saying he feels “totally abandoned and forgotten.”

Warren Weinstein looked ashen and sounded lethargic as he pleaded for renewed interest in his case and asked the U.S. government to consider releasing al-Qaeda militants in its custody. The 72-year-old development expert from Rockville began his address by urging President Obama to step up efforts to get him released.

“You are now in your second term as president of the United States and that means that you can take hard decisions without worrying about reelection,” said Weinstein, who was recorded sitting against a white wall and wearing a gray tracksuit top and a black woolen hat. No one else appeared in the video.

The video, which included the yellow logo of As-Sahab, al-Qaeda’s media production outlet, was sent in an anonymous e-mail to several journalists who have reported from Afghanistan. Included were links to a handwritten note that purports to be from Weinstein, saying “Letter to Media” at the top. The note is dated Oct. 3. It is not clear when the video was made.
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And say a prayer for the guy. I'm sure Obama couldn't care less. Won't be much political upside at this point. Osama bin-Laden's long been dead. Don't expect any Democrat rescue raid football-spiking anytime soon.