Monday, December 30, 2013

Homosexuals to Marry on Rose Parade Float — DURING THE ROSE PARADE!

I was just saying how great New Year's Day is in Southern California, although now parents will have to keep their kids from watching television as they try to preserve a little basic decency.

Who organized this bull? My God it's freakin' depraved.

At LAT, "Gay couple to marry on Rose Parade float."

And from the Mad Jewess, "“GAY” FASCISM -- Me & Mine REFUSE to Watch Militant LGBT FAGS Marry at Rose Bowl Parade."

More at ABC 10News San Diego, "San Diego woman calls for boycott of Rose Parade over plans for live gay wedding":

Gay Fascism photo y_zpsd713a9e5.jpg
SAN DIEGO - In a Tournament of Roses Parade first, two men will exchange vows live on a parade float, but a San Diego woman isn't happy about the parade's plans for the same-sex nuptials.

Karen Grube has called for a boycott of the annual Tournament of Roses parade over plans for two men to be married on top one of the parade's 46 floats on Jan. 1.

Grube told 10News the traditional family event is not the place for political agenda, and she said, "Growing up and being a part of that whole tradition in Pasadena was just incredible."

Grube said whether you're for same-sex marriage or not, the wedding is a slap to those that don't support it and the 30 states that haven't approved it.

"My stand is mainly to support the voters of California who have said no to this," said Grube.

Grube created a Facebook page asking people to not attend or watch the parade. She also has called parade sponsors asking them to pull their support from the parade, which draws a global audience of about 68 million viewers annually.

"It's an in-your-face political statement; it really is." said Grube, who has contacted the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the nonprofit group that organizes the parade.

In a statement, AHF President Michael Weinstein said boycotters should respect the law of the land and denied the organization is making a political statement saying, "Like all of our sponsors and float designers, AHF continues to help make the Rose Parade a premier event through original and creative expressions that connect to parade themes -- as this float does."

Grube is not alone, as Save California, an organization that promotes what it calls moral traditional values, has called on people to protest the parade.
Also atAmericans for Truth About Homosexuality, "Rose Parade’s Homosexual ‘Wedding’ Float Corrupts Children – AFTAH’s Seven Lessons for Christians."