Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Emily Ratajkowski: American Power's Woman of the Year for 2013

I didn't blog her that much actually. Just a few rapid fire posts when she was in the news 24/7 a few months back. But certainly this woman had an impact and is going to be around for some time.

VH1 has this, "25 Reasons Why 'Blurred Lines' Emily Ratajkowski is the Breakout Music Video Vixen of 2013."

And at the Fashion Spot, "WTF? Both Esquire and GQ Named 'Blurred Lines' Model Emily Ratajkowski 'Woman of the Year'."

 photo Emily_Ratajkowski_Frederick_s_of_Hollywood_Lingerie_Photoshoot_05_zpsf927cc94.jpg

And from last year, "Kate Upton: American Power's Woman of the Year for 2012."