Saturday, February 1, 2014

Democrat Barnacle Henry Waxman Decries 'Extremism of Tea Party Republicans' in Pathetic WaPo Op-Ed

The retiring dirtbag loser's all indignant about toiling in the minority. Well, as idiot leftists always say, elections have consequences.


See, "Rep. Henry Waxman: The reason I’m leaving Congress":

Waxman photo RepHenryWaxman_zps9e58cee7.jpg
I announced this past week that I will be retiring after having the honor of serving my Los Angeles constituents in Congress for 40 years.

Immediately, speculation began that I am leaving because I am frustrated with a broken institution. But the exact opposite is true: I am leaving Congress with my conviction intact that the legislative branch can be a powerful force for good.

Voting over and over to repeal the Affordable Care Act, shutting down the government and threatening default are other deplorable examples of the extremism of tea party Republicans.

But even in this polarized environment, there are important opportunities to advance the public interest....
Well, you can read the rest, but it's mostly about how Waxman did all these great legislative things while clinging to power like a barnacle for 40 years in Washington: "I worked on the Clean Air Act blah blah. I worked on the MediCare blah blah. I worked on MediCaid expansion blah blah. But I just can't tolerate this anymore. Those damned Republicans are primed for another go as the majority party because tea party extremism!"