Friday, February 14, 2014

Kansas House Bill Stands Up to Homosexual Extremists

Depraved leftist back-door buttfreaks are all up in arms at the Kansas House bill on religious freedom.

Check the Topeka Capital-Journal, "House affirms bill to counter gay marriage, unions":
A House bill directed at same-sex couples in Kansas who are denied services tied to weddings and civil unions passed Wednesday with Republicans arguing the measure reinforced religious freedom and Democrats labeling it a discriminatory assault on lesbians and gays.

The GOP-led House voted 72-49 to approve House Bill 2453 with little commentary following lengthy debate Tuesday. The bill sent to the Senate was designed to shield people, groups and businesses that cite religious reasons for refusing to serve homosexuals engaging in activities viewed as religiously offensive.

The bill allows government employees of the state, courts, schools and law enforcement agencies to treat as invalid the civil unions or marriages of two men or two women.

Legislators supportive of the legislation were motivated by an assumption the federal courts eventually would declare unconstitutional a 2005 amendment to the Kansas Constitution banning gay marriage.

Gov. Sam Brownback said when asked about the bill that he had dedicated himself to fighting for basic human rights, including religious liberty, in many countries and for many different faiths.

"Americans have constitutional rights, among them the right to exercise their religious beliefs and the right for every human life to be treated with respect and dignity," the Republican governor said.
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