Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Communists Call Cops, Shut Down 'Right-Wing Blogger' at Portland State Open Public Meeting

This is excellent.

I know how the guy feels. I remember when ANSWER's Richard Becker got in my face when I went to take his photo at Los Angeles City College in 2009: He screamed, "What right-wing organization do you work for"?!! Later, the ANSWER thugs hit me with flag poles when I was covering their protest against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2010. I think they'd forgotten about me last year, when I covered the ANSWER march protesting police brutality in Anaheim.

But man, these goons up in Portland are even more over-the-top.

At the Salem-Keizer Sentinel, "Communists Shut Down Press: 'WE DON’T ALLOW RIGHT WING BLOGGERS TO TAPE OUR EVENTS'."

And at Truth Revolt, ""You're a f*****g piece of s**t!" — Socialist University Group Tries to Eject Blogger for Filming Public Meeting."

It's "right-wing blogger" Dan Sandini of Daylight Disinfectant.

Great work: