Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bwahaha! Walter James Casper III Shouts 'Bigotry' and 'Racism' to Silence the Opposition and Claim Victory!

Poor Repsac3.

Proved wrong from the get go, all he can do is cry bigotry like a typical leftist loser who's lost the debate. As I indicated yesterday, "When all you've got are lies and allegations of "racism," naturally all you can do is respond desperately with more lies and pathetic allegations."

And drum roll please!!!! Ta-da, Repsac's allegation of bigotry: "Making an accusation just because the murderer (& his victim) are Muslim & the victim is a member of his family is bigotry."

Are you losing the debate? Check! Call your opponent a "bigot," like Repsac3! Bwahahahaa!!

More, "According to Repsac3, Accusing Any Muslim of Honor Killing, No Matter the Circumstances, Makes You Guilty of 'Bigotry'."

Pathetic fascist stalker hate-troll Walter James Casper III, universally repudiated across the 'sphere, lol!