Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jordan's King Abdullah to Personally Suit-Up Against Islamic State?

He's a fighter pilot and he's taking al-Kasasbeh's murder personally.

From Mary Katharine Ham, at Hot Air, "Too good to check: Angry Jordanian king may personally suit up against ISIS":

King Abdullah photo B9BCkLrIYAA9IgT_zpschtmsyk5.jpg
If he’s trained as a pilot, this feels less like silly Putinesque staged bravado and more like a Jordanian John Wick after vengeance. Or, maybe that’s just how I’d like to imagine it because it’s nice to imagine a leader of a country so righteously enraged by the brutal killing of his citizens and so skilled in the kicking of ass that he decides to engage in it personally. Even if it’s not the most practical of foreign policies to have each president enter the Octagon with these barbarians, I long for a modicum of the clarity that animates the impulse.
Via Memeorandum.