Monday, June 13, 2016

Another Terror Attack? Yawn

At Cold Fury, "Yawn":
Candlelight vigils, weeping, tearful pleas for mercy, and plaintive versions of John Lennon’s Imagine will begin directly. “Resolute” vows to “bring the terrorists to justice” from pRetend pResident Oshitstain to follow, including a condescending lecture about the paramount importance of not even thinking the word “Islam” to oneself. Then will come the self-righteous demands that Americans disarm themselves and submit to further government intrusion on their freedom in the name of security theater.

And can there be any doubt among staunch “conservatives” that Trump’s racist, xenophobic, white-supremacist hate speech outrageously calling for being a bit more selective about who we allow to cross our borders and live among us are the real cause? Why, the guy was practically defenseless against the onslaught of such naked, fascist bigotry; who can really blame him if it drove him over the edge into the same kind of violence that Trump is constantly demanding from his hateful, slackjawed, trailer-dwelling followers?

In other words, it’s all just more of the same old shit, folks. If you haven’t gotten used to it by now, don’t worry, you will. This is, after all, the New Normal in helpless, gutless, wide-open, politically-correct Liberal Amerika. Just remember: if we fight them at all, in any way, it means the terrorists have already won. Because That’s Not Who We Are™.

The really sad thing is, they’re right: it isn’t.
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