Saturday, June 4, 2016

Backlash After San Jose Protest Could Help Donald Trump

Following-up from the other day, "Vile Leftists Attack Donald Trump Supporters in San Jose (VIDEO)."

Here's far-leftist Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast, "How Anti-Trump Violence Could Elect Him":

Americans admire protest movements and civil disobedience, but they draw the line at violence, so harassing and beating up Trump supporters could do him a lot of good.
And, amazingly, today's front-page story at the leftist Los Angeles Times, "Anti-Trump violence is widely condemned. Will backlash help his candidacy?":

The violent assault on Donald Trump supporters in San Jose led to bipartisan condemnation Friday and widespread agreement that protesters crossed a line, possibly provoking a backlash that could boost the presidential hopeful.

“I know the depths of emotions that have come out,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has campaigned across the country for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. “But somebody who thinks they’re being helpful by throwing an egg – I would say that’s a tactical mistake.”

Hector Barajas, a Republican strategist who had expressed consternation about the presumptive GOP nominee and his inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants, said he would vote for Trump in Tuesday’s primary and predicted others less than enamored with the Manhattan businessman would do so as well.

It is one thing to oppose Trump and “quite another to start throwing eggs, to start throwing punches and act in a thuggish way,” Barajas said. “I think you get a lot of folks who are going to look at this.... and they might not have been supportive of Trump or on the fence, but now say, ‘I’m going to vote for him; it’s needed to put an end to this ugliness.’”

Dozens of fights broke out Thursday night at the conclusion of Trump’s Silicon Valley appearance.

Demonstrators jumped on cars, stole the candidate’s trademark “Make America great again” ball cap from Trump supporters and set them on fire, and clashed with police in riot gear. Some protesters waved Mexican flags as rallygoers in Trump regalia shouted, “Go back to Mexico!”

One Trump fan was hit with an egg and others were chased and harassed, scenes that blazed across television newscasts and social media.

At least four people were arrested and a police officer was slightly injured after being hit with a metal object...
The interesting thing is that the Costa Mesa rioting was even more intense, but the images from San Jose are really personal, especially the woman getting egged surrounded by illegal immigrants with Mexican flags. It proves Trump right all along, and that's got to piss off radical progressives.

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