Friday, June 10, 2016

Illegal Alien Valedictorian Larissa Martinez (VIDEO)

She's apparently been accepted to Yale.

Hey, good for her, but one can't help thinking that the so-called "disadvantaged" are nowadays the ones with the most advantages and social prestige.

At PuffHo, "Undocumented Valedictorian Takes Down Trump In Epic Speech."

More at FOX 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth, "North Texas valedictorian reveals she’s an undocumented immigrant."

And I saw another woman, Mayte Lara, posting about her hot legs and undocumented status on Twitter. She's since deleted her account. No doubt she got death threats, and understandably so. These people are ghouls.

More at the Texas Tribune, "Valedictorians Draw Attention for Saying They're Undocumented (Video)."