Friday, June 17, 2016

Jo Cox: Best of Britain

From the lovely Louise Mensch, at Heat Street, "Jo Cox MP Was the Best of Britain. Politicising Her Death is the Worst":

Jo Cox’s killing has stunned the nation. A new MP, passionate about her job, her family and her children, is gunned down at a surgery where she is trying to help people.

Every one of us must have our hearts broken. The worst of it is imagining, or trying to imagine, the pain of her little ones, just three and five.

Jo was just 41. She was a woman in the prime of her life, a politician of great promise....

The Vote Leave campaign bears no responsibility – none – not the tiniest sliver – for any part of what happened to Jo Cox MP, and neither do its supporters. Anybody suggesting that at this grief-stricken moment should be treated with the most profound contempt.
Be sure to RTWT.

Who would have thought serving in parliament would be such a dangerous job?