Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama and Clinton Say Donald Trump is Out to Destroy American Values (VIDEO)

I teach politics, so I'm literally obligated to keep up with the news. But I don't remember a campaign this nasty, and it's not the surrogates who're dragging everything down into the mud. It's the left.

I'm inclined to tune out more than I normally do in the summertime, but it's something that needs to be monitored. We're in a very unusual period of Democrat demonization. Citizens' vigilance is now more vital to freedom than any time in my lifetime.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Obama accuses Trump of 'doing the terrorists' work for them'":

President Obama and Hillary Clinton conducted an extraordinary joint attack on Donald Trump on Tuesday, with the president accusing the presumptive Republican nominee of “doing the terrorists’ work for them” and Clinton excoriating him as a liar and a “pathological” personality who is temperamentally unsuited to be president.

Their remarks, made at simultaneous speeches in Washington and Pittsburgh, came the day after Trump revived insinuations about Obama’s loyalty to the U.S. and vowed that as president he would ban immigration not only by Muslims but people from any country with a “proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies.”

The harsh exchanges between the two sides, with the election still five months away, underscored the brutal nature of the campaign to come, with its focus on intertwined issues of race, ethnicity, terrorism and immigration.

In his remarks, delivered after a meeting with national security advisors at the Treasury Department, Obama said that the proposals by Trump, whom he referred to as the “presumptive Republican nominee,” would undermine American values.

“Where does this stop?” Obama demanded, noting that the shooter responsible for the killing of 49 people in Orlando was born in the U.S., as were the attackers in several previous terrorists acts. “Are we going to start treating all Muslim Americans differently” than other citizens? he asked. “Are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith?”

If the U.S. were to go down that path “we would have betrayed the very things we’re trying to protect,” the president said. “And then the terrorists would have won, and we cannot let that happen. I will not let that happen.”

Groups such as Islamic State want to present themselves as the leaders of a “war between Islam and America,” Obama said. “They want us to validate them.” Proposals such as the ones Trump has offered are “doing the terrorists’ work for them,” he said.

Trump, in a statement emailed to the Associated Press, responded that Obama "continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies, and for that matter, the American people."

"When I am president, it will always be America first," he wrote.
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