Wednesday, June 15, 2016

OMG! Donald Trump Tweeted Story of Obama Administration's 'Secret Memo' on Support for Islamic State!

There's no "there" there at this made-up controversy at Memeorandum.

The Patrick Howley story stated precisely what the issue is: The Obama White House was shown in a routine "intelligence information report" to have cultivated diplomatic and military ties with Muhammad Al Adnani, formerly of the notorious jihad terror organization al-Qaeda in Iraq, and now is the senior spokesman for the Islamic State.

It's important precisely because it shows the convoluted lines of alliance and counter-alliance in the administration's poorly-conceived anti-Assad policy on rebel support in Syria. The deaths in that conflict have long ago passed over 200,000, and history will show that it's the Syrian civil war, not regime change in Iraq, that has been the most horrific and destabilizing blunder in the Middle East in the post-Cold War era.

So, Donald Trump tweeted it, as well he should. This kind of thing is the tip of the iceberg in the catastrophe of America's retreat from global power and leadership.

More, at the Hill, "Trump tweets story claiming 'secret memo' shows Obama supports ISIS."

We're long past the point in the campaign where everything Donald Trump does or says is THE WORST CLUSTER IN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION HISTORY, whereas everything that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do or say represents all that's good and righteous in the postmodern Democrat collectivist universe of THAT'S NOT WHO WE ARE socialist identity politics America.

And that's why, despite polls showing an "unfavorability spike" for Trump following Orlando, we're going to continue to see an extremely tight presidential horse race over the next few months, with the trends on support for Trump vs. Clinton heavily influenced by leftist media news coverage of the key milestones in the campaign (post-convention bounce, traditional post-Labor Day campaigning, the "debates," etc.).

The leftist establishment press has been wrong about Donald Trump's political prospects since he first entered the race last June. There's nothing that's likely to change the left's inaccuracy in reporting on the Trump phenomenon. Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country, both candidates have the highest negatives for any major-party nominees in history, and both the economy and terrorism will be the leading campaign issues heading into the fall. The Democrats are desperate and on the defensive. It doesn't look good for them.