Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quoted in LBCC's Viking Newspaper

Following-up from last night, "Hillary Clinton Rallies Supporters at Long Beach City College (VIDEO)."

The college newspaper contacted me for some comments on Clinton's visit. My colleague Charlotte Joseph was contacted as well.

Here's the piece, "Political-Science Professors React to Hillary Clinton Rally":
Professor Charlotte Joseph said in an email Sunday, June 5, she considers herself a “swing voter” and is supporting Clinton due to her vast experience in foreign and domestic policy. She said, “It is a fantastic opportunity whenever any candidate comes to our campus.  It allows our students and the entire college community a chance to hear challenging ideas and to evaluate how these fit with their own beliefs.”

Joseph said, “It provides an educational opportunity that most people never get the chance to see.  Most of us get our information from the television or the internet, in sound bites. We rarely have the opportunity to hear a speech from beginning to end. Hopefully, this will be the first of many such events at LBCC because of the uniqueness of our college and student body.”

Although he is registered to vote in the Republican primary, Professor Douglas said in an email Monday, June 6, just hours before Clinton’s speech that he doesn’t identify as Republican or Democrat.

Douglas said, “The 2016 election has generated tremendous excitement, more than usual, in my experience, especially in California, where our primary is expected to be decisive. So, it’s great that students can participate directly in the political process by attending a campaign rally. The event brings the campaign home to those who’re already interested and makes it a personal, potentially life-changing experience to see and hear their candidate close up.”

Douglas also said he expects Clinton to receive a lot of media coverage and believes if Clinton were to lose in California, then the Bernie Sanders campaign would receive “enormous momentum and could put pressure on the Democrat National Committee to weaken the rules of the party’s super delegates.”