Friday, November 18, 2016

California's Electorate is Way More Leftist Than the Rest of the Country

I'll move out of California one of these days. The once-Golden State is way too leftist for me.

We're almost a radical-left island compared to the rest of the nation.

At LAT, "Why California went its own liberal way in the election":
California’s vote differs so much from the national pattern for two main reasons: Nonwhite voters, a group that is heavily Democratic, make up a significantly bigger share of the state’s electorate than the national one. Moreover, the state’s white voters are more likely to define themselves as liberals and identify with Democrats than are whites in the rest of the country.

In California, white voters made up about 56% of the state’s electorate, the USC/LA Times survey indicated. Clinton carried those white voters 55% to 40%, blacks by 84% to 13%, Latinos by 73% to 22% and all other voters by 57% to 35%, the survey found.

By contrast, a separate national post-election poll by SurveyMonkey found whites made up 75% of the electorate across the country.
Still more.