Friday, November 4, 2016

Harper Polling Shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Tied in Pennsylvania

I've never heard of Harper Polling, although apparently the firm's got a decent reputation (a "B-" rating at 538).

Here's the survey, "Pennsylvania Statewide Poll":

With signs of the race trending Trump in the waning days of the campaign, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in the Keystone state (46-46%, 2% Johnson, 1% Stein, 4% Undecided). Clinton has a steady lead with women (49% Clinton-44% Trump) while Trump has expanded his advantage with men (43-49%, 9/22: 42-44%). Independents prefer Trump (26-46%) but self-identified Moderates choose Clinton (57-31%).
Well, we'll see. Pennyslvania's a Democrat state, so folks shouldn't get all excited about it. It's just going to be fun on election night as far as I'm concerned. If a couple of blue states fall to Trump in the early evening, look out: It could be a cliffhanger.

More at Breitbart:

ADDED: Here's Salena Zito, who's recently been on the ground in key battleground states. Like I said, election night's going to be a blast. We could see a few surprises. I can't wait: