Friday, November 4, 2016

New WikiLeaks Podesta Emails Spark Accusations of Democrat Party Satanism

I saw some weird tweets earlier today with some strange pictures with a woman holding a bloody animal skull, featured alongside Hillary Clinton's "I'm with Her" logo. I didn't think much of it, other than it looked a little, er, unusual.

Well, now I see what the fuss was.

See the Guardian U.K., "Marina Abramović mention in Podesta emails sparks accusations of satanism."

Hmm, bizarre seems too mild here.

But see Katie Pavlich, at Town Hall, "No, John Podesta's Spirit Cooking Dinner Wasn't About Devil Worship":

Oh 2016. Thank goodness you'll soon be over.

The internet is in a panic today over an email published by Wikileaks and belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The email shows Podesta's brother, Tony Podesta, forwarding an email to John Podesta asking if he can come to a dinner. The dinner is described in the forwarded portion of the email, which is an email from artist Marina Abramovic to Tony Podesta expressing excitement over hosting a "Spirit Cooking" dinner at her home.

Because of the "Spirit Cooking" reference, a number of right-wing websites have rushed to condemn Podesta as a cult involved, blood sucking, hair eating devil worshipper. Twitter is ablaze with satanic images.

First off, we have no proof Podesta did or did not attend the dinner. Second, this dinner was about a "cookbook" and weird art, not devil worship.

Marina Abramovic is an artist (a strange, extreme artist) and published a "cookbook" called Spirit Cooking in 1996. The "cookbook" was featured at New York City's MoMa art museum. She was hosting a dinner at her home promoting the "cookbook" and invited the Podestas....

The dinner likely included a real dinner and Abramovic giving a presentation of her "art." Watch at your own risk here.

Abramovic is into "art" that involves bodily fluids, but that doesn't mean John Podesta is and again, there isn't proof he attended the dinner.

Everyone needs to calm down the hell down, pun intended.

This post has been updated with additional information for clarifying purposes. The "cookbook" is recipes of thoughts, not traditional food recipes. The author deeply regrets ever diving into this topic.