Friday, November 11, 2016

On 'Morning Joe': Understanding Trump Voters (VIDEO)

William Jacobson's been watching MSNBC, "Rachel Maddow: Is there a DOOMSDAY PLAN for progressives?":
I will admit, however, that I’ve been watching MSNBC a fair amount this week because their freakout is more interesting than the Fox News football spiking...
I just can't. Seriously, it's bad enough watching CNN.

But MSNBC's got a good YouTube page, and I just watched this Morning Joe segment --- and that's a show I could watch. I'm just not up that early (3:00am to 6:00am Pacific time).

At any rate, lots of analysis on (mis)understanding the white working-class electorate. Interesting point Scarborough brings up: It's not racism. Across those Midwest, in counties that voted Republican this year, those same white blue-collar voters went Democrat in 2008, thinking Obama as going to "ease their pain."

It's good: